Heat Transfer - Iron On 'Rhinestones' -  Starter Pack  -  add some Bling to any Design
Heat Transfer - Iron On 'Rhinestones' -  Starter Pack  -  add some Bling to any Design
Heat Transfer - Iron On 'Rhinestones' -  Starter Pack  -  add some Bling to any Design
Heat Transfer - Iron On 'Rhinestones' -  Starter Pack  -  add some Bling to any Design

Heat Transfer - Iron On 'Rhinestones' - Starter Pack - add some Bling to any Design

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This is a Iron On, Heat Transfer Rhinestone starter kit.  These rhinestones have the glue already on the back of them, all you need to do is create a template, brush them in, put the carrier sheet on them and then heat press, or iron them onto your shirt, or whatever project you are creating. 

This kit consists of:

1 - plastic 10 compartment holding case

1 - Rhinestone wax pen that is a picker up on one end with the wax and a repositioning metal pointer at the other end

1- Love template that is ready to do your first project

1 - 12" x 5" blank rhinestone fuzzy template material to create your first project with

1 - 12" x 5" rhinestone carrier sheet

1 - rhinestone brush to brush the stones into the template

5 -different ss10 coloured rhinestones, 400 of each colour

5- different ss20 coloured rhinestones, 210 of each colour

counts of the stones are approx as we measure them, most will have a bit more, some could be off by a couple.

We have two different sizes at this time ss10 which is approx. 2.6 - 2.8 mm and ss 20 which is approx. 4.8 - 5 mm.  These are the two most popular sizes for designs. 

Pressing Instructions:

Pre press your project for 5 or 10 seconds to remove any moisture or wrinkles that are in the material, just like you do with htv. 

Do a final check to make sure all the rhinestones are where they are supposed to be and facing up.   Some put a protective piece of paper or towel on the inside of the shirt to make sure the glue does not stick the two sides together.  I have never had this issue yet, but it might depend on how thin the material is.  Center your design, put a teflon sheet or something to protect your press on top of the rhinestones and press.

Heat Press Instructions:

-350 degrees
-15 seconds
-medium to firm pressure
-warm or cold peel

As with htv, i always turn my project inside out and press again just to make sure that i did not miss any sections, i could be paranoid but it is better then having a customer come back on you that something is falling off.  This also helps to make sure the rhinestones did not glue the shirt shut, if it is stuck just tug on it while it is warm and it will come apart.  If a rhinestone did not stick the first time just do it again till it is stuck for good.

Household Iron Instructions:
These are pretty much the same as with a heat press except you will heat your iron to the highest level, usually cotton and do not use any steam, just like you would for htv.  Place all your weight into the iron for a heavy pressure for approx 45 seconds, do not move the iron back and forth, just one spot to get a good bond with the glue.  Let it cool a bit and then remove the tack sheet just like with the heat press, and then turn inside out if you wish and do it again to guarantee a good bond.  

I have uploaded a video of how to create your own template and apply the the rhinestones to it and then how to heat press them onto a shirt, here is the link to this video.

how to create your rhinestone template part 1


part 2


part 3


part 4


part 5