Transparent / Clear Inkjet Water Slide - Water Transfer Paper
Transparent / Clear Inkjet Water Slide - Water Transfer Paper

Transparent / Clear Inkjet Water Slide - Water Transfer Paper

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This water slide paper is a great way to add a printed decal or design to a variety of materials in a matter of minutes.  It is great for cups, plates, candles, crystal, glass, ceramics, metal, plastic, wood etc.  All that is needed is the paper, and inkjet printer, scissors, varnish or clear coat, water, a hair dryer and oven.  Each sheet is 8.25" x 11.75" .  The 6 easy steps to follow are:

  1. Create your design, making sure that the measurements fit your project.Print your design on the smooth side of the water slide paper in your inkjet printer and allow it to dry thoroughly.
  2. Spray a couple thin layers of the spray varnish or clear coat to protect the ink and allow it to dry thoroughly. 
  3. Cut out your design leaving a small edge to make it easier to smooth.
  4. Place your design in a basin of water for 30 to 60 seconds.  The top and bottom layers will start to separate from each other.  This is normal and what you need to slide the design onto your project. 
  5. Position your design onto your project on one edge and slowly slide it off of the back layer and onto your project.  You have a bit of time here to position your design perfectly.  Use your finger or a paper towel softly and gently to remove the water bubbles and blot up the water with the paper towel. 
  6. Dry the image with a hair dryer if the project cannot go in the oven, items like candles, but not too hot that you melt the candle.  For other items that can go into an oven to cure, place for 10-15 minutes in a 110-130 degree celsius oven to bake it on permanently.  If you do not wish to bake on, allow to dry completely.  Some like each way of doing it, try them and choose the way that best suits you. 

This technique is a quick and easy way to add your personal touch to many different substrates.  Once you try it, you will love it and will be decorating everything you see.  Have fun and send us photos on our Stickitvinyl Crafters group on Facebook we would love to see your creations.