Siser EasyColor DTV Inkjet Printable Htv Vinyl 8" x 11"

Siser EasyColor DTV Inkjet Printable Htv Vinyl 8" x 11"

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This Direct to vinyl product is perfect when you have an image with a lot of colours that would be a challenge to layer.  It provides an excellent print quality image with vibrant colours and a matte finish.    All you have to do is design your image, send it to your inkjet printer, put the dtv printable paper in properly into your inkjet printer and print.  Then put it in your cricut or silhouette machine and it will cut it out for you.  No layering at all.  Press and wait a day to wash. 

This dtv is can be used on both dark and light fabrics. It stretches with the fabric and is thin like htv.  

A clear tack carrier transfer sheet is recommended when you have small intricate cuts to keep them in place and to prevent curling of the edges.  However if you have a large one piece image you may not need it.  Here is the link to our tack carrier sheets for htv

Application and Care Instructions as recommended by the manufacture
  • Print your image in your inkjet printer
  • Put into your cutter machine to cut the design
  • Weed excess vinyl from your design
  • If you need a carrier sheet apply it before pressing, if not protect your design with parchment paper or a Teflon sheet
  • Heat your press to 300 Degrees and press for 10 to 15 Seconds at medium pressure
  • Do not peel off the carrier sheet until it is warm to the touch
  • Wait 24 hours before first wash and wash on gentle cycle
  • Wash your garment inside out in cold water.  Do not bleach.
  • Fabric softener is not recommended .
  • Hang to dry is recommended, but you can tumble dry on low heat  

Here is a great video that shows how to use this product for great results and the different tests they have done to perfect this product.  FYI it is not our video we are borrowing it so you can see the steps involved.